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Curved beam canopy at Henry Allen Infants School!

Thursday, October 29th, 2015




Our designers at Setter Shelters love a challenge, and the curved walls of Henry Allen Infant Schools main building presented just that. Fortunately, as leading designers, manufacturers, and installers of wooden curved beam canopies, it was a challenge we were well equipped to surmount.


Henry Allen wanted a covered space for the parents to wait whilst they dropped off and collected their children. The proposed build site presented quite a challenge, due to the size of the space, the lack of potential areas for the feet to be installed, and as mentioned, the curved walls of the building.


We proposed a design that would surmount all of these challenges; by utilising the curved beams that are normally part of the roofing system, but as the uprights, we could mimic the curve in the wall. This intuitive and efficient design worked perfectly, thus ensuring the space was fully enclosed, as desired by the school.

A look at the curved uprights:

IMG_1817 res

An overview of the entire scheme. Note the neat and unobtrusive steel feet used in the design.






IMG_1818 res

A look at both the curved uprights, designed specifically to echo the curved wall, as well as to not interrupt the view from the window, nor the opening of the door.

IMG_1824 res


Another look at the finished canopy

IMG_1838 res

Oakley Lower School’s head-turning new canopy

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Oakley Lower chose Setter Shelters to build a new walkway canopy to join their two buildings. They opted for a monopitch canopy with customised roofing sheets.

IMG_1790 res

The combination of yellow, turquoise, and blue casts an interesting shadow on the floor.IMG_1792 res

Oakley were after something new and different, and were ecstatic with what we built.

IMG_1795 res

The canopy provides a covered walkway between the two main buildings of the school, with shade in the summer and shelter in the winter.IMG_1798 res

Oakley Lower were thrilled with their new canopy! And we were proud of another job well done.IMG_1799 res